Greetings Players & Parents,

It's almost game time! This page will provide valuable information about our lacrosse games. Yes, its long... there's a LOT going on during games, and we expect a lot from the players and spectators. Please take a look!

RULES: Click HERE for a quick reference rules sheet


Our philosophy can be summed up in 4 words: safety, fun, positivity, and development. Those themes are prevalent throughout this page, and will be prevalent throughout the season.

We are a developmental program and we aim to develop on field skills, off field skills, decision making, teamwork, mental toughness, and a love for athletic competition. Our goal is that every player is prepared for life as a high school student and athlete, NOT just to focus on the best athletes and winning at all costs. There is a huge difference in strategy between "playing to win" and "playing to develop." We believe that always "playing to win" can be detrimental to players long term development. We've seen kids who have struggled as youth players become captains of their high school team, and then go on to play in college, so we believe everyone needs a chance to play and develop.

Here are a few articles from well respected sources that agree:,

  • Playing time: We do our best to play everyone as evenly as possible regardless of ability. Factors that may affect playing time include poor effort or behavior in practices, disregarding the rules and committing too many infractions, and other negative behaviors that are within the players ability to control. The only time that our coaches deviate from this philosophy is in the last 3-5 minutes of a close game, then we will put in the players that give us the best chance of winning.

  • Positions: We expect all players to try all positions during the season, including goalie. When each player gets to high school we want them to be able to say to the coach "I know how to play every position and can play whatever you need." As the season progresses players will settle into the position that best suits them, but all players are expected to play any position the coach requests at any time. Playing all positions gives each player a better understanding of the game and helps their long-term development.


One theme will re-occur while reading about player and spectator expectations, and that is that your COACHES AND DIRECTORS ARE HERE FOR THE SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF YOUR CHILDREN, that is our #1 responsibility. Please have confidence that your coaches are closely watching games and will intervene in any situation that may be deemed unsafe. This includes situations with players, referees, opposing coaches, and parents/spectators. Our coaches are well aware that they have the power to stop the game and address issues with the referees and opposing coaches in an effort to rectify the situation. If the issue persists, we will end the game, walk off of the field, and file a grievance with the league. At no time should players or spectators take matters into their own hands. If you do happen to see something egregious that the coaches may be missing, please wait until a break in play to speak with the coach to bring it to their attention.

Players are expected to:

  • pay attention to the game while subbing on the sidelines

  • play within the rules and play with sportsmanship and respect, never trash talk, fighting or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and will be heavily punished regardless of "who started it"

  • have a positive attitude and support coaches and fellow teammates

Spectators are expected to:

  • Watch from the sideline opposite the players bench. Spectators are not permitted to view from the endline (behind the goals) or bench side of the field. Please note: some other teams will not follow this rule. We will. It is a league rule and we will respect it even if other programs do not. Please be careful anytime that you are passing the endline as you are in danger of getting hit by a missed shot. If you have children with you do not let them play behind the goals, it can be a dangerous area. Please sit a few yards back from the out of bounds line so that players have room to run out of bounds if needed. Please make sure dogs are leashed at all times during games. Feel free to take pictures from the spectator side line.

  • Please demonstrate nothing but positive comments and encouragement. Please do not coach from the sideline, it undermines the coaches and often confuses players. It is never permissible to negatively interact with referees (I am a referee and it is the most difficult job I have ever done), opposing coaches or players, or other fans. Remember, your coaches are in charge and if there is an issue please bring it to their attention.

  • Lacrosse has a unique camaraderie between players and parents of opposing teams. It is unlike some other sports that may have an "us vs them/hate your opponent" attitude. As a bit of an obscure sport, parents from both teams often interact positively about the sport that their child has chosen to play. Many of the kids from different teams know each other from tournaments & camps and are friends, no reason the parents can't be too. The sport connects us all.


I've done a lot of preaching and thrown out a lot of rules on this page. Despite doing our best to be perfect and set an example, our coaches will probably forget about/break some of these rules throughout the season. As you can tell from this novel of a webpage, we are all about communication and feedback. If you see something you don't like always let us know. I can be reached almost anytime of day or night (except the couple hours a day that I am on the field coaching) by email, text, phone, or live chat through the website. Please contact me anytime.


  • Let me know anytime that your player can not attend a scheduled game or will be late/leaving early.

  • Players need to be dressed and ready to warm up 45 minutes prior to the listed game time, You can arrive as early as you want, just be dressed and ready to go 45 minutes before the listed start time.

  • Bring water!

  • Please make your player responsible for making sure that they have ALL of their equipment and ALL pieces of their uniform before leaving the house for a game. This includes a MOUTH GUARD and ATHLETIC SUPPORTER (cup.) We often do not have extra equipment or uniforms for games.

  • Games usually last for 75 to 90 minutes

Thanks for making it to the end of this page! See you at the game field!


Gary Hoppe - Director

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